The Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance Downloads We Play with (Maps/Mods)

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The Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance Downloads We Play with (Maps/Mods)

Post by -{KMA}-WickedSporkRocker on Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:18 pm

Best Custom Map-pack - Everyone on GPGnet has atleast this mappack
Quezalcoalt's Map Pack

Black-Ops 1.21 - We don't always play with this mod, but it sure can be a blast to play though!
Water World Mod - The water world mod makes it possible to build resources and air faculties on sea or below sea to have some room on the island for those small island maps.
[Vault Codes] Copy the blue colored text to gpgnet client and paste it right into chat or anywhere else you type in the client. Inside the client you'll have a working link to the download in the vault.
content:"3787Phantom-N [v1.0]" Phantom - N mod we play with.
content:"3968T3 Engineering Stations" They make it fair for the Aeon and Seraphim. Laughing
content:"3337TA Metal Worlds FA" My Metal World Mod inspired by the Total Annihilation Metal Worlds, such as Metal Heck, Core Prime, Four Islands, and Etc. You can place a mex anywhere you want. Purpose is to be used a Metal Map. Can use it with a regular map, but can't build on a mex spot. I'm lazy and don't want to find a solution it wasn't intended for.

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